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Red socks = Together for education, sports and better opportunitiesfor all.

Walk, Run, and Move with us for a good cause by wearing your Red socks every Friday!




The legend goes that during ww2 three soldiers held in a prisoner of war camp promised to wear red socks to remember each other and always be “together“, should they make it back home alive.

Sidney Feinson, a South African Jew, fought in and was captured during the Battle of Tobruk in Italy during World War 2. He and two friends made a pact that should any of them survive the war that they would wear red socks to be together, and to remember their friendship and the spirit that bound them.

This story and the meaning of “TOGETHERNESS” was brought to life many years later when two friends, John McInroy and Ian Symons, sought a way to honour and celebrate life through their own friendship. Hearing the tale of the original Red Sockers, and in a crazy moment, they too decided to give each other a pair of red socks and vowed to wear them every Friday. By doing this small inconsequential thing they committed to consciously connect, remember and celebrate their friendship, and to always be “TOGETHER” no matter where they might be in the world.


Message from the founder:

“This story has never been just about the socks. It’s been about the people who wear them and how their lives epitomize a spirit of overcoming adversity and living life to the full together with love and respect for all. The people of Langa are shining examples of this and I hope through these socks and a simple act of togetherness every Friday the world gets to witness, support and be part of their light. Viva Langa! Viva ShoOops!”





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